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SaaSykit is a Laravel-based boilerplate with everything you need to build an awesome SaaS.

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a solid SaaS

Subscriptions & One-time purchases.

Easily offer your customers subscription-based & one-time purchase products with SaaSykit. All the webhook handling, subscription management, and billing are already set up for you in a beautiful and easy-to-use admin panel.

Collect payments with Stripe, Paddle & Lemon Squeezy, and manage your customers with ease.

Powered by:

supported payments
customizable colors
Your Brand, Your Colors

Customize Everything.

Customize the primary & secondary colors of your website, error pages, email templates, fonts, social sharing cards, favicons, and more.

Based on the popular TailwindCSS, you can easily customize the look and feel of your SaaS application.

At your fingertips

Products, Plans & Pricing.

Create and manage your products, plans, and pricing, set features for each plan, mark a plan as featured, and more.

Rewards your customers with discounts and manage all that from a beautiful admin panel.

create plans, products and pricing
beautiful checkout process
Buttery smooth

Beautiful checkout process.

In a few clicks, your customers can subscribe to your service using a beautiful checkout page that shows all the details of the plan they are subscribing to, allowing them to add a coupon code if they have one, and choose their payment method.

The best of the best

A solid tech stack

Laravel, TailwindCSS, Livewire, AlpineJS & FilamentPhp

laravel filamentphp tailwindcss livewire alpinejs
Know your numbers

SaaS Stats.

View your MRR (monthly recurring revenue), Churn rates, ARPU (average revenue per user), and other SaaS metrics right inside your admin panel.

stats dashboard
email providers
Connect with customers

Send & Customize Emails.

Choose your preferred email service from options like Mailgun, Postmark, and Amazon SES to communicate with your customers.

SaaSykit comes with a beautiful email template out of the box that takes your brand colors into consideration, along with the typical emails for customer registration, verification, resetting password, etc set up for you.

Supported email providers:

Content is king

A ready Blog.

When it comes to reaching customer, nothing beats SEO.

SaaSykit comes with a ready blog system that you can use to publish articles and tutorials for your customers about your SaaS, which will help you with your SEO.

build-in blog
user login & authentication support
Modern Authentication

Login, Registration & Social login.

SaaSykit includes built-in user authentication, supporting both traditional email/password authentication and social login options such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github, LinkedIn, and more.

Supported login providers:

facebook-round-color linkedin-app file_type_gitlab
Can't get more beautiful

A stunning Admin Panel.

Manage your SaaS application from a beautiful admin panel powered by Filament

admin panel integrated
Your customer's voice

A built-in roadmap

Collect feedback from your customers and let them vote on features and bugs they want to see implemented or improved in your SaaS application.

🏅 🐞
built-in roadmap for features and bugs
one command deployment
Start to end

1-Press deployment & Server provisioning.

Deploy your SaaS application to your server with a single command, powered by PHP Deployer.

You can also use it to provision your server, install PHP, Composer, Node, NPM, and more.

Oh, we're not done yet

And a whole lot more

Users & Roles

Manage your users, create roles and assign permissions to your users.

Fully translatable

Translate your application to any language you want.

Sitemap & SEO

Auto-generated sitemap and SEO optimization out of the box.

User Dashboard

Users can manage their subscriptions, change payment method, upgrade plan, cancel subscription alone.

Highly customizable

Manage your SaaS settings from within the admin panel. No need to redeploy app for simple changes anymore.


Built with developers in mind, uses best coding practices. Offers handlers & events and automated tests covering critical components of the application.

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founder of SaaSykit

Hey! I'm Ahmad, the creator of SaaSykit. 👋

I studied computer science and have 16+ years of experience in PHP across multiple frameworks, mainly Laravel & Symfony. I love building software products and that's why I built SaaSykit in the first place to have a base foundation with all features needed for my SaaS projects.

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SaaSykit Boilerplate

Powered by Laravel 11

  • Subscription & One-time Products, Plans & Pricing
  • Stripe , Paddle & Lemon Squeezy
  • Customizable Styles & Themes
  • Beautiful checkout process
  • Ready-to-use components
  • User authentication & Social login
  • Ready Blog & SEO
  • Admin Panel + User Dashboard
  • Email providers (Mailgun, Postmark, Amazon SES)
  • Stats Page: MRR, Churn rates, ARPU, and more
  • Test Coverage + Developer Friendly
  • Discord + Email support
  • Lifetime updates
  • And much more...

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Got a Question?

Here are the most common questions to help you with your decision.

What is SaaSykit?

SaaSykit is a complete SaaS starter kit that includes everything you need to start your SaaS business. It comes ready with a huge list of reusable components, a complete admin panel, user dashboard, user authentication, user & role management, plans & pricing, subscriptions, payments, emails, and more.

What happens when I purchase SaaSykit?

Once you purchase SaaSykit, you will be redirected to the dashboard where you can enter your Github username and in a few seconds you will gain access to the SaaSykit repository.

Which payment providers are supported?

SaaSykit supports Stripe, Paddle & Lemon Squeezy out of the box. You can easily add more payment providers by extending the code if you like.

Do you offer support?

Of course! we offer email and discord support to help you with any issues you might face or questions you have. Write us an email at [email protected] or join our discord server to get help.

How often is SaaSykit updated?

SaaSykit is updated regularly to keep up with the latest Laravel and Filament versions, and to add new features and improvements.

What is your refund policy?

After you've got access to the repository, SaaSykit is yours forever. Refunds aren't typically offered due to the digital nature of the product. However, with SaaSykit, you're investing in a tool that will keep evolving, that' designed to quickly and efficiently scale your project.

We are very happy to receive any feature suggestions or bug reports to make SaaSykit better for you. Checkout the roadmap to see what's coming next.

Is there a demo available?

Yes, a demo is available to help you get a feel of SaaSykit. You can find the demo here.

Is there documentation available?

Yes, an extensive documentation is available to help you get started with SaaSykit. You can find the documentation here.

How is SaaSykit different from just using Laravel directly?

SaaSykit is built on top of Laravel with the intention to save you time and effort by not having to build everything needed for a modern SaaS from scratch, like payment provider integration, subscription management, user authentication, user & role management, having a beautiful admin panel, a user dashboard to manage their subscriptions/payments, and more.

You can choose to base your SaaS on vanilla Laravel and build everything from scratch if you prefer and that is totally fine, but you will need a few months to build what SaaSykit offers out of the box, then on top of that, you will need to start to build your actual SaaS application.

SaaSykit is a great starting point for your SaaS application, it is built with best coding practices, and it is developer-friendly. It is also built with the intention to be easily customizable and extendable. Any developer who is familiar with Laravel will feel right at home.

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