What is a Laravel Boilerplate?

By Amas
What is a Laravel Boilerplate?
Suppose you want to build a SaaS software, and for the sake of this article, let's assume that you want to build a SaaS software that converts between different image formats (PNG, JPEG, etc.).
You’ve got the idea down and know your market, but now comes the challenge of turning your vision into reality. With so many moving parts to consider—user authentication, subscription management, API integrations, landing pages, your core functionality (which is image conversion), etc — where do you start? 
This is where a Laravel boilerplate can be a big help. But what exactly is it, and how can it help you with your SaaS development? 

Let's dive in. 

A few words about Laravel

Before diving into boilerplates, let's get a quick understanding of Laravel. Laravel is a popular PHP framework designed for building web applications. It provides a clean, elegant syntax that makes web development enjoyable (artisanic as it prides itself to be). 

What is a Boilerplate?

In the context of software development, a boilerplate is a starting template that includes pre-written code and configurations to kickstart your project. Think of it as a blueprint that provides the foundational structure, allowing you to focus on the unique functions of your application rather than reinventing the wheel building every feature from scratch. 


A Laravel Boilerplate

A Laravel boilerplate is a ready-to-use, feature-rich starting point for your Laravel applications. It's built on Laravel and made specifically for Laravel projects. Imagine it as a toolkit that's packed with pre-configured packages and modules specifically tailored for a SaaS platform.

Going back to your SaaS idea—the image conversion project—you might want to offer your users three different subscription tiers: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Each tier could provide varying levels of service, from basic image conversion capabilities in the Basic tier to advanced features like bulk conversion and higher API rate limits in the Pro and Enterprise tiers.

How a Laravel Boilerplate Helps Your Image Conversion Project:

1. User Authentication and Management

  • Pre-Built Authentication: With a Laravel boilerplate, you don't have to worry about building user authentication from scratch. Features like login, registration, password reset, and email verification are already set up.
  • Role-Based Access Control: A boilerplate allows you to manage different subscription tiers easily. You can assign roles and permissions to users, ensuring that Pro and Enterprise users get access to premium features.

2. Subscription Billing

  • Integrated Payment Systems: A Laravel boilerplate should come with built-in billing solutions, integrating with payment gateways like Stripe, Paddle, Lemon Squeezy, etc. This allows you to manage subscriptions, handle payments, and set up recurring billing effortlessly.
  • Plan Management: Easily create and manage your Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans. You can set different pricing, features, and limits for each plan.

3. Landing Pages

High quality boilerplates come with built-in components that are responsive and work seamlessly on all devices. Customize the design to match your branding and provide a smooth user experience.


4. Email Notifications

A good boilerplate will allow you to keep your users informed with built-in notification systems. Sending email notifications for important events like subscription renewals, payment failures, or feature updates, all with customizable email templates that reflect your branding identity and colors.

5. Blog

  • Content Management: A Laravel boilerplate might come with a built-in blog module, allowing you to create, edit, and manage blog posts easily. This is perfect for sharing updates, tutorials, and tips with your users.

  • SEO-Friendly: A reputable boilerplate should have pre-configured SEO settings to ensure your blog posts and pages are optimized for search engines, helping you attract more organic traffic to your site.

6. Admin Panel

  • Complete Control: A Laravel boilerplate could offer an admin panel lets you manage every aspect of your application from a centralized interface. You can oversee user accounts, manage subscriptions, manage products, discounts and more.

  • Stats and Reporting: This allows your to get insights into your application’s performance with built-in analytics and reporting tools. Monitor user activity, track conversion rates, monthly recurring revenue, etc.

And there could be other features offered in the boilerplate as well, such as multi-language support and integration with third-party services, etc, but you get the point. 


Starting a SaaS business is a big thing, but a Laravel boilerplate can significantly lighten the load. By providing a solid foundation with essential features, it enables you to focus on what truly matters—building and growing your business. So, if you’re entertaining the idea to launch your SaaS, whether it's the one that converts images between formats or any other SaaS, using a Laravel boilerplate could save you much time and reduce your project costs. 

Keep building great things! 🚀

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