Why Using a Laravel Starter Kit Is A Great Idea

By Amas
Why Using a Laravel Starter Kit Is A Great Idea

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks which has gained widespread reputation for its elegance, simplicity, and powerful features. 

However, even with such a robust framework at hand, developers and SaaS makers still often face challenges in setting up projects from scratch.

First, there's a significant amount of "boilerplate" code that needs to be written for almost every new project. Additionally, there are many standard features that every project requires, such as payment integrations, user authentication, reporting, product management, admin panels, blogs, and more. In this digital age, these features are expected to be available in every digital product, so they have to be implemented from scratch for each project.  

For example, every new project needs a blog or a medium where you (as a SaaS owner) can write tutorials and informative content about your product to both educate your customers/prospects and also to climb the ranks on search engines.

This is where Laravel Starter Kits come into play. These kits offer pre-configured setups, come packed with all the necessary features that a modern SaaS application requires, and leave the stage for the developer to only focus on the core functionality that they want to offer through their app.

Here are several compelling reasons why you should consider using a Laravel Starter Kit for your next project:

1. Launching Products Fast

One of the primary advantages of using a Laravel Starter Kit is the significant reduction in development time. Starter kits come with pre-installed packages, pre-configured settings, and ready-to-use features. This allows developers to jump straight into coding the unique aspects of their application, bypassing the repetitive and time-consuming setup phase.

2. Standardized Code Structure

High-quality starter kits come with well-crafted code and a set of best practices that developers can use while building their software. This ensures that the application remains scalable as the startup gains traction and can be easily updated and improved in the future.

These kits provide a standardized structure and comprehensive documentation, enabling new developers to quickly get up to speed on the project. 

3. Micro SaaS

A micro SaaS is a software application designed to solve a specific, narrow problem exceptionally well. This phenomenon has gained traction recently, particularly because these smaller micro SaaS projects can often be developed by a single individual, often referred to as an "Indie Hacker". These projects have the potential to generate life-changing income for their creators, either through monthly recurring revenue (MRR) or from a profitable sale.

Although the primary focus of a micro SaaS is to address a particular problem, it still requires all the essential components of a traditional SaaS application, such as payment integrations, user authentication, and content management systems like blogs, etc. This is where SaaS starter kits become invaluable, providing a solid foundation that includes these necessary elements, allowing the developer to concentrate on the unique aspects of their application.

4. Launching Multiple Projects

Sad fact: about 90% of startups fail. 

This means founders often need to try multiple times, building and growing several SaaS applications until they find the product-market fit and success with their idea.

Given this reality, it makes little sense to repeat the entire setup process for each new venture. Instead, using a set of reusable components through a Laravel Starter Kit can streamline this process. Laravel Starter Kits shine in this scenario, providing a robust foundation that can be quickly adapted for each new application, saving time and effort while increasing the chances of success or at least reducing the maximum drawdown when failure is inevitable.

5. Ready-Made Components

Starter kits often come with a suite of ready-made components, such as dashboards, forms, tables, and user interface elements. These components can be easily customized and reused across different parts of the application like landing pages and user & admin panels, speeding up development and ensuring a consistent look and feel that matches the branding colors and styles of the startup. 

6. Documentation, Support & More Meatures

High-quality Laravel Starter Kits come with extensive documentation. This provides clear and detailed instructions on setup, customization, usage, and deployment, helping developers quickly master the starter kit's features. 

Additionally, the authors of these starter kits often provide direct support and frequent updates, ensuring the kit stays current with the latest Laravel updates. All that makes it easier for developers to deliver projects faster.

7. Saving Costs

Using a Laravel Starter Kit can lead to substantial cost savings. By reducing the development time significantly, starter kits lower the overall labor costs associated with building a new application. Developers can avoid spending valuable hours on repetitive setup tasks and instead focus on implementing features that add direct value to the project.

Also, the pre-configured settings and pre-installed packages included in starter kits minimize the need for additional expenditures on third-party tools and services. 


In conclusion, using a Laravel Starter Kit can be an ideal solution for developers or SaaS builders looking to save time and ensure their applications are built on a solid foundation. This way developers can focus on creating unique, high-quality applications while avoiding the time-consuming boilerplate code that's needed for every new SaaS project setup.

SaaSykit is a feature-rich Laravel Starter Kit that helps SaaS makers ship their projects fast. It comes with everything need to build a modern SaaS and then some. 

It includes features such as payment integrations (Stripe, Paddle & Lemon Squeezy), stunning designs, beautiful checkout flow, admin panel, user dashboard, auth & social login, ready-made components, stats dashboard, built-in blog, built-in roadmap, automated test coverage, extensive docs and much more.

Check it out to learn more. 

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