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Proper Terms&Conditions Versioning and Change Management

👍 Approved 🏅 Feature

Since software development is iterative, so are changes to the Terms and Conditions. Currently, this page is static, but in many countries changes to the Terms and Conditions must not only be properly communicated (e.g., by email or in-app notification), but each such change must also be accepted by the user (e.g., by checkbox). Currently, there is no such possibility of properly managing and versioning the ToC, which is needed from the legal point.

This should work as a simple CMS, with content, version number (optionally), effective date and email template (an email with the changes should be sent to users every time we change ToC).

From the DB point of view, we should track which user accepted which version of the ToCs. Optionally, we should be able to block access to the app if accepting a certain version of ToCs is crucial to using the app.