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๐Ÿ“ˆ Stats Dashboard

SaaSykit comes with a powerful and beautiful dashboard out of the box which combines the most popular SaaS stats in one place.


To access the dashboard, go to the Admin Panel and click on "Dashboard". You will be redirected to the dashboard page (which is the home page of the Admin Panel).

This dashboard allows you to easily see the most important stats about your business, such as:

  • MRR: Monthly Recurring Revenue.
  • Active Subscriptions: The number of active subscriptions.
  • Total Revenue: The total revenue of your business.
  • Total User Subscription Conversion: The total number of users who converted to paying subscribers. (subscribed users / total users)
  • Total Transactions: The total number of transactions done by your users.
  • Total Users: The total number of users.

And it comes with charts that allow you to see the growth of your business over time, including:

  • MRR Growth: The growth of your MRR (monthly recurring revenue) over time.
  • Total Revenue Growth: The growth of your total revenue over time.
  • Churn Rate: The churn rate of your business over time. This is the percentage of customers who cancel their subscriptions over time. A high churn rate means that your business is not doing well and you need to take action to reduce it.
  • ARPU: The average revenue per user over time. A high ARPU means that your business is doing well and you are making more money per user.
  • Average User Subscription Conversion Rate: The average conversion rate of your users to paying subscribers over time. A high conversion rate means that your business is doing well and you are converting more users to paying subscribers.

The stata system uses a time series approach to store your metrics daily in the database, this makes for a more accurate data representation and allows flexibility in the way you can view your data. (aggregation by day, week, month, year, etc.).

Keeping an eye on these stats will help you keep your business on track to make sure it's heading in the right direction.