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Product Launch Check List

SaaSykit is all about launching your product fast and not reinventing the wheel. We have created a checklist of accounts to create and things to do to get your product launched as fast as possible.

Accounts to createโ€‹

Things to doโ€‹

  1. Adjust your branding & logo & social sharing cards.
  2. Configure your error page.
  3. Configure your payment providers.
  4. Configure your email providers.
  5. Configure your login providers.
  6. Adjust application settings.
  7. Setup your plans & products.
  8. Manage your users.
  9. Adjust your terms of service and privacy policy to reflect your product.

That's it! Implement your product on top of SaaSykit and you're ready to launch! ๐Ÿš€

Other things to consider:โ€‹