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SaaSykit is a SaaS starter kit (boilerplate) that is based on the beautiful Laravel framework (using TALL) and offers an intuitive Filament admin panel that houses all the pre-built components like product, plans, discounts, payment providers, email providers, transactions, blog, user & role management, and much more.

Tech Stackโ€‹

  • PHP 8.2+.
  • Laravel 11.
  • Tailwind CSS.
  • Any database you like (MySQL, Postgres, etc)
  • Redis. (optional for faster caching)
  • Filament (for admin panel & customer dashboard)
  • DaisyUI (for Tailwind CSS components)

Server requirementsโ€‹

To install SaaSykit on your server, you need a servers that can run PHP application, with the database of your choice (MySQL or Postgres), and Redis.

You can get affordable servers from DigitalOcean, Vultr, Hetzer, Linode, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.

Getting Startedโ€‹

Depending on where you want to get started, you can either check the development or production guide.