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The accordion component allows you to display much information in a smaller place using collapsible spaces.



<x-accordion class="mt-4 p-8">
<x-accordion.item active="true" name="refund">
<x-slot name="title">Do you offer a refund?</x-slot>

Yes, we do offer a 30 days money back guarantee.


<x-accordion.item active="false" name="trial">
<x-slot name="title">Do you offer a trial?</x-slot>

Yes, we do offer a 30 days free trial.

You can pass in extra classes to the accordion component to customize it's look and feel.

The accordion item x.accordion-item component is used to display the content of each accordion item. It accepts the following attributes:

  • name - the name of the accordion item. This is used to identify the accordion item.
  • active - whether the accordion item is active or not. This is used to determine if the accordion item should be expanded or not.