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Outro (Call to action)

The Outro component is used to display the outro section in your pages (or any highlighted section) on your pages.

Outro section


<x-heading.h6 class="text-primary-50">
{{ __('Stay up-to-date') }}
<x-heading.h2 class="text-primary-50">
{{ __('Subscribe to our newsletter') }}

<x-input.field labelClass="text-primary-50" inputClass="bg-transparent placeholder-primary-100 text-primary-50" placeholder="{{ __('Your email address') }}" class="mx-auto mt-6" />

<div class="mt-10">
<x-button-link.secondary href="{{route('blog')}}">
{{ __('Subscribe') }}

You can pass in extra classes to the section.outro component to customize its look and feel.