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User Ratings

The user-ratings component is used to display ratings from your customers on your site.



<x-user-ratings link="#testimonials" class="">
<x-slot name="avatars">
<x-user-ratings.avatar src="" alt="testimonial 1"/>
<x-user-ratings.avatar src="" alt="testimonial 2"/>
<x-user-ratings.avatar src="" alt="testimonial 3"/>
<x-user-ratings.avatar src="" alt="testimonial 4"/>
<x-user-ratings.avatar src="" alt="testimonial 5"/>

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The component accepts the following slot:

  • avatars: The avatars of the people who gave the ratings. You can pass in as many avatars as you want (x-user-ratings.avatar).

The following attributes can be passed to the user-ratings component:

  • link: The link to which the user will be redirected when they click on the ratings.
  • class: Extra classes to customize the look and feel of the component (e.g. text-center).

The text inside the user-ratings component is the description of the ratings and will be displayed below the avatars.